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Flat Roofs

We carry out the supply and installation of single ply membranes and bituminous felts systems including any insulation requirements, as well as polyester powder coated aluminum soffits, fascias and cappings. At Graham Pow Specialist roofing we offer valuable advice in terms of any flat roofing structures, from the installation, repair or refurbishment. We are familiar with the latest materials and laying technologies as well as relevant regulations. Our team works with reputable and top quality materials. We choose our suppliers carefully for material such as bituminous roofing membranes. We use only companies with a sound history who adhere to the relevant manufacturing and quality standards

01 Contact us today.  A roofing specialist will visit the intended project property.  The scope of work will be noted and any advise will be given at this time with no obligation or cost to the property owner. A formal quote will follow the assessment.
02 The Graham Pow Specialist roofing team will arrive on site and carry out a professional job as outlined in the quotation.  Our friendly and courteous team will complete the project in a timely and efficient manner.
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"I contacted Graham Pow Specialist Roofing after my neighbour got his garage roof repaired.  I was very pleased with end result with my own garage roof"
Brain Hanlon


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"I would recommend Graham Pow Specialist Roofing after the great effort they put in to fix my roof in a very timely manner"
Derek Smith

East Calder