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Lead is one of the older and most durable building materials and provides roofers with great flexibility for installing roof flashings, dormer and other roofing features.  We carry out a wide variety of works using sheet lead ranging from simple roof flashings at valleys, abutments and roof penetrations to more complex work on dormers and roofing features.  We use only the best lead material on our projects. Quality sheet milled lead in varying codes from code 3 for cover flashings to astragals on cupolas, code 4 for apron flashings on flat roofs, code 5 for valley gutters and watergates, code 6 for cladding and code 7 or 8 for flat roofs

01 Contact us today.  A roofing specialist will visit the intended project property.  The scope of work will be noted and any advise will be given at this time with no obligation or cost to the property owner. A formal quote will follow the assessment.
02 The Graham Pow Specialist roofing team will arrive on site and carry out a professional job as outlined in the quotation.  Our friendly and courteous team will complete the project in a timely and efficient manner.
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"I was impressed with the care attention that Graham and his team took while carrying out some leadowrk on my roof.  They left a job second to none"
Bert Simpson


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"The leadowrk on my property badly needed replaced and I had used Graham Pow Specialist Roofing before.  once again they left a fantastic Job"
Robert Hind